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Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS

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As the release of Olivia’s sophomore album approached, the team were on hand to work the creator strategy and activation for her first single in two and a half years, ‘Vampire’; a punchy operatic ballad with teeth.GUTS’ release was accompanied by a flurry of excitement across various tracks from the album - we remained agile in order to lean in across the audios where creators could have the most impact, ultimately working on 3 additional tracks in support of Olivia’s wildly successful release.


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As snippets of Vampire started appearing across TikTok it was clear that organic uptake would be huge. With this in mind, our strategy was to cherry-pick creators who would go against the grain of the organic UGC; we worked with the Mattison Twins who are renowned for making music videos for pop-tracks in the style of rap videos. We balanced this approach by also working with ‘fan-girl’ accounts who could inject their infectious passion into posts hyping up the track. We drove over 14M views to the audio and UGC grew from 3.5k to +86k during our campaign.


Once the album was out we monitored organic trends looking for opportunities to engage creators. A SOUR vs GUTS trend began forming and we brought in fans and key creators to further support the trend. Meanwhile on Get Him Back the team trialed 3 different creative verticals looking for the best performer; comedy, toxic ex content, emotional POVs – as it became clear that comedy resonated the most with Olivia’s audience we pivoted towards that creative niche.


Keeping our ear to the ground in order to support organic trends and find creative partners to complement Olivia’s art we helped this incredible record hit #1.


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Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS

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