Whether you were at home or at the festival, TikTok has become a vital platform for experiencing Glastonbury. The 2023 festival’s hashtag #glastonbury2023 amassed 91.1m views, making up 10% of all Glastonbury content on TikTok, a 31% increase from the previous year. Let’s delve into what’s fuelling TikTok’s Glastonbury fascination.

Highlighting Unforgettable Moments: Lana del Rey’s performance was the talk of Glastonbury’s TikTok scene, with her most viewed video amassing 7.1 million views. The clip featured the crowd singing ‘Video Games’ after a sudden sound cut. Other notable moments include Central Cee’s duet with Slawn’s baby son and Lewis Capaldi’s crowd-assisted performance amidst a Tourette’s episode. These moments, showcasing artist vulnerabilities, resonated the most on-platform.

Beyond the Main Stage: Glastonbury 2023 demonstrated that the festival is more than just the headliners. TikTok users captured the festival’s spirit from various angles, with video diaries revealing amusing encounters and unexpected adventures. This diverse content provides brands with a chance to connect with viewers by tapping into the festival’s unique atmosphere.

Female Creators Shaping the Narrative: Interestingly, 75% of TikTok videos from Glastonbury 2023 were made by female creators, up from 60% last year, a striking contrast to this year’s all-male headliners.

Without further a-do, here are this year’s top 10 videos…

The Top 10 most viewed Glasto videos

1. Lana and crowd singing ‘Video Games’ (7.1M Views)

2. Drone footage of Glasto (3.2M Views)

3. Lewis Capaldi fans helping him sing (3.1M Views)

4. Lewis Capaldi fans helping him sing 2 (2.7M views)

5. Domino’s Pizza rocket delivery man (1.8M Views)

6. ‘Middle-class’ Loos (1.6M Views)

7. ‘Dancing Queen girl’ (1.4M Views)

8. Lana Del Rey’s sound cut off (1.4M Views)

9. Central Cee performing with Slawn’s son (1.2M Views)

10. Laughter Yoga Tent (1.2M Views)