Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey – Say Yes to Heaven

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Originating from an outtake from Lana’s third album Ultraviolence, a snippet of the track leaked and TikTok did its thing… Lana’s fandom was clamoring for the track to be released and this fervor only increased when a sped-up version of the song surfaced. Working with our clients at Polydor we geared up for the surprise release


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As always with Lana – her fandom was integral. Our campaign was a mixture of activating Lana-stans across social media as well as broadening her fan-base. We asked Lana fans to ask the question ‘What else can we get Lana to release?’ and leaned into the romantic themes in the song by getting the Couple’s of tiktok to create content inspired by the song. Finally, as a sped-up sound had played such an important role in the build up to release we commissioned a range of other manipulated audios to further drive engagement with the track beyond release.


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Barbie Soundtrack

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey – Say Yes to Heaven

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