Pink Pantheress

Pink Pantheress – Boy’s a Liar

Pink Pantheress, a prodigious talent hailing from the UK, has swiftly risen to prominence in the global music scene. She showcases a unique blend of genres, intertwining elements of garage, drum and bass, and pop, which resonates deeply with a vast audience. Her musical journey is a testament to her innate ability to craft melodies that captivate listeners and is visible in her fantastic breakthrough hit, "Boy's a Liar." This track, characterised by its infectious rhythm and poignant lyrics, became a viral TikTok sensation and spawned an equally successful follow up featuring Ice Spice. Working with our client, Warner Records, our team helped craft a strategy that launched this unique track into viraldom.








When the track first came out our team spotted a buzzing online debate centered around a particular lyric. Using this insight we tapped into lyric page communities to launch our campaign. As expected users flocked to the comment section to discuss the confirmed lyrics with our initial posts achieving over 2k comments and +500k likes.

Using our proprietary tech, we monitored the audio’s growth spotting the best time to switch to macro creators in order to increase daily creations. Given the song’s content we chose to focus on macro female creators and our platform flagged the creators that were most likely to over-perform. Our handpicked creators over-performed 10x against expected views and fuelled daily creations.

As rumours began to swirl about a possible Pink Pantheress x Ice Spice collab we tapped into our blogger community network to further fuel speculation. Using clips that bystanders filmed of the two performers together in NYC, we spread the clips amongst 30 blog pages on our network to drive up hype for the song’s eventual (and very successful) release.


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