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Why did we write this playbook?

Since its launch, Reels has played second fiddle to TikTok. However, in 2023, it became an influential force in the world of music and was instrumental in one of the year’s biggest success stories, Kenya Grace’s global hit, ‘Strangers’. At round, we are bullish about Reels’ potential, and we believe that the most successful creator campaigns in 2024 will strategically utilise both TikTok and Reels. We have gained valuable insights from our analysis of over 200 of our campaigns and an additional 30,000 Reels posts featuring some of 2023’s most viral tracks. This playbook shows you what we’ve learned so far and how it can be applied to your artists’ campaigns


Why Reels? Platform Growth and Demographics

The Reels Aesthetic – What does viral music content look like?

Community Culture – Reels; the home of Communities and Fandom

The META Advantage  Leveraging META’s ecosystem

Deepdive – Successful tracks and campaigns

Request a copy of the playbook here